Facebook – You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!

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So after a busy day trying to finish up my assigned tasks in order to be a part of the Blog Carnival, running to the dump, meeting with the concrete finisher and building deck stairs with The Patriarch, I finally ran out of…no…not something to do…steam.

I thought I’d finish up the day doing something relaxing like…joining Facebook. Obviously, then, I’m not here to tell you all about how it’s done or which face you’ll see when you open the book.

I can tell you though, that it was pretty painless and that as soon as I had the first pieces of my profile completed, up popped at least three names of folks that I haven’t seen or heard from in…decades. We’ll see whether or not, way back then, I had any memorable impact on them whatsoever.

“Brad who?”

Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to give you a play-by-play report on any non-events.

The other thing I can tell you about Facebook, is that there’s a pretty well-done little song about it. And here, for your listening enjoyment, it is. Let ‘er rip!

2005 Miami U. Cheezies a cappella: Facebook Song

Just leave it to a bunch of college guys with voices to get the musical job done! 🙂

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,

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5 Responses to “Facebook – You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!”

  1. 642-524 Says:

    I am a permanent facebook user, it really a great network of users where you can make some new friend, I love it man.

  2. 70-291 Says:

    This is a pretty decent social site only thing I really don’t like about it is the lack of customization. Other than that not too bad could be designed better.In fact its a wonderful website that has allowed me to keep in touch with all my friends.

  3. 70-238 Says:

    i do not know how old you are but is it possible that you have parental controls on your email that won’t let facebook send the confirmation email?
    i had to remove these controls for my kids so that facebook could contact them.

  4. aoc gold Says:

    This is a great article. I’m new to blogging but still learning. Thanks for the great resource.

  5. wow gold Says:

    Well, to soon to say if it’s good, but at least it’s well designed.
    I mean I thought I would be blocked after adding some interests, but the site helps you to add more.