A Mosaic Christmas!

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I realize I’ve not posted here in over a year. Boy, do I ever.  I’m practically having to dust this back office just to rediscover my tools, so if this ends up looking funny in any way, chalk it up to my current inability to remember how all this works.

Meanwhile, one of the many things I’ve been up to lately is this:  I joined a choir!

It must have been September or so when my sister said she had been attending a church in Edmonds where my long-time (long-lost) friend Allan Skoog is the choir director.  She mentioned that in addition to the church choir Allan had for some years been directing a Christian community choir called Mosaic and that she’d decided to join them right away to be involved with their Christmas season.

If you’re, like I am, a dyed-in-the-wool fan of music, specifically vocal music, you will understand my immediate Pavlov’s Dog reaction to Kim’s announcement of her decision to sing.  It just sounded like so much fun! I, however, just knew I couldn’t pull off the logistics of being involved with something like that and dismissed it out of hand.

When I got Allan’s call a few weeks later stating that my sister had told on me and had given him my phone number and that he needed more tenors and that I should show up at his rehearsal the following Monday and that I should quit making mindless excuses and that if I would, we could have a whole lot of fun…well, the rest is history.

On Saturday, December 3rd, A Mosaic Christmas was performed – twice! I know because I was there both times standing between Kelly and Christine singing my heart out, trying to remember the words to all 16 songs, musically declaring the Reason for the season.  What an awesome treat for an old beyond-his-prime tenor!  I’ve spent many years directing church choirs and ensembles, but it’s been a long time since I was able to just be involved as a singer.

So thanks, Kim, and thanks, Allan, for convincing me that it was doable.  Thank you, Mosaic personnel for allowing me to join voices with you!  I loved it and I’m looking forward to January when we’ll all give it another whack!

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Centennial Poetry

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For those who may have read Amazing Grace, you may find the following delightful also.

Grace has been known to wax poetic now and again.

This is a poem she dictated to my Dad over the phone (she doesn’t see to write for herself anymore) on April 29, 2010, several months after her 100th birthday.

A hundred years are finished.
A century has gone.
And now a second season
Of learning has begun.

I’ll try to keep me ready
For what the future brings,
Til with the Holy Spirit
My spirit, answering, sings.

I thought this was pretty wonderful coming from my favorite centenarian.

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