No Million "Aires" Allowed

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I was aware when Ken and Jan (two of my caregiving clients) moved in back in October, 2008,  that I was no longer going to be able to spend hours at a time tucked away in my attic office working on my computer. While Jan has never “wandered” as a result of her dementia, she quickly feels abandoned if she doesn’t see people (me) around.

At the same time, I certainly needed to be able to continue the many things I do that require a computer.  Thanks to my friend Dave Kranz over at Seamus Systems, I moved my base of operations down into the Family Room where Ken and Jan spend the majority of their time.  My “remote” office now consists of my recliner, two TV trays and my laptop via which I’m able to access everything on my desktop computer upstairs.  It’s’ a beautiful thing…and Jan can see me almost non-stop!

All this to say that as an entrepreneur (I’ve worked for myself in some way, shape or form since 1992), these days I’m really only interested in revenue-generating methods that I can do, not from home, but AT home.  Just show me great ways to make money where I never have to leave the house.  Okay, so I’m a caregiver and my clients live with me!

I know I’m the rare bird.  Not everyone wants to be a caregiver.  Neither does everyone want people living with them.  But what about having other great ways to bring money into the household and not needing to venture outside  my four walls?  Better still, I’ve found a couple ways to create cash from my recliner!

You’ll see the first one if you click that link you just passed.

The second one is called Simple Freedom and actually, they can both be done totally from the comfort of your recliner…or couch…or…anyplace you think is a cushy spot from which to work. I am, of course, assuming that you too have a laptop, but the point is that these revenue-generators are both simple, portable and require nothing more than a bit of your time on a consistent basis.

If you’re at all like me, chances are you’ve read a bazillion sales pages that promise to make you a millionaire at some point.  Frankly, I don’t have the ambition to be a millionaire.  I look at the idea of being rich the same way I look at travel:  I like being here and I’m sure I’d like being there, but getting there is a pain in the neck.

So anything that you’ll ever see here that relates to creating income, although it may have the potential for making you wealthy, will simply be geared for helping you pay your rent and buy groceries.  If any of us can get those out of the way consistently then we can all talk about bigger things to come!

So hey, take a look at these two concepts and let me know what you think.  One thing’s for sure, if you get involved with either or both, you’ll know where I am.  I’ll be here to help you!

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,


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26 Responses to “No Million "Aires" Allowed”

  1. Ron Says:

    Brad Yep you are a little special to be a home care giver. Your new office sounds about like mine. A recliner with a, old but it works, laptop.
    A $65 Mironpc with Windows xp. I have a iMac downstairs that was given to me. Printer is down there. Money for an excuse to not have a computer isn’t exceptable to me, if you want to be online.
    I will check out your opps, too.

  2. Karen Says:

    How nice that those who are need have someone nice like you to look after them!

  3. Brad Says:

    Hi Karen! Nice to hear from you.

    I tell my kids to watch closely so they’ll know how it’s done when my turn comes around. 🙂

  4. Barbara Says:

    Let me know when you get paid, if it is at least what you are looking and hoping for. Then I’ll play follow the leader! 🙂
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Come Connect With Me In THERE! =-.

  5. Brad Says:

    Persistence, Barbara, persistence! 🙂

  6. Ron Says:

    I will ask you what you asked Maureen back in Dec.
    Have you made any money???
    Of Course the next question is how much does it cost.???
    simple freedom that is

  7. Martin@Fix Computer Registry Says:


    I just found your blog by accident. What refreshing content and passion that you bring.

    Sincere good luck to you

    .-= Martin@Fix Computer Registry´s last blog ..Clean Your Computer with Registry Fix =-.

  8. Brad Says:

    Thanks Martin! Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. ConnieFoggles Says:

    I wish you the best in your endeavors!
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Walmart Game Time And $50 Gift Card Giveaway =-.

  10. Brad Says:

    Thanks Connie! I am endeavoring to endeavor!

  11. Linda Says:

    I’ll be interested in how it works out for ya! I hope that you gain success and you will divy it up with me! LOL! 😀
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..SkyTran One Year Later =-.

  12. Brad Says:

    Good morning, Linda!
    Of course! I’m certain there will be plenty to go round!

  13. Barbara Says:

    OK! I’m persistent and determined. Will, that pay the bills?
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 61 =-.

  14. Brad Says:

    Hey Barbara!

    Keep being persistent and eventually I’ll reveal to you which bills I’ve paid! 🙂

  15. Diane Scott Says:

    Hi Brad! Having the mobility you do (now) to go from attic to your care giving space must be heaven! We’ve got the option for wireless, but everyone has huge desktop systems. Plus I cannot type on a laptop to save my life LOL!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..How An All Inclusive System Grows Your Business =-.

  16. Brad Says:

    Yes, Diane, the laptop was a pretty significant adjustment for me, but as long as all I have to do on it is type, I’m okay. It’s that ding-dang touchpad that I HATE. So I solved that problem with a wireless mouse. Ahhhhhh, now we’re cooking! 🙂

  17. Theresa Cahill Says:

    As we spoke this week on the phone, you know how much I admire what you and your family do “for a living.” Caregiving is not always easy, but it is very rewarding. And, how truly thoughtful of you to move where you were already set up to a spot so you are seen. Less worrying all around!
    .-= Theresa Cahill´s last blog ..Too Personal? That Just Might Be Your Problem =-.

  18. Brad Says:

    Yep, it’s truly a blessing to be able to sit in my recliner, lose weight and run all my enterprises all at the same time! 🙂

  19. psyche Says:

    There are a few good ways to earn from home. I used to write content and do paid forum posting.
    .-= psyche´s last blog ..Hydra =-.

  20. Brad Says:

    Hey psyche! That’s another good option. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Karen Says:

    Just passing through via comment exchange. I am sooo sleepy! Stayed up to watch the new show where the boss visits his employees. I loved the show.

  22. Brad Says:

    Hey Karen!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah, I caught just a tidbit of that show when the guy from Waste Management was on. It looked interesting.

  23. A. @ A Changing Life Says:

    Thank you for your visit the other day. It’s prompted me to come back to! 🙂

    Having had to look after my mother-in-law (dementia) and then father-in-law in their final years, I know just what it takes. You have my admiration, truly.

  24. Brad Says:

    Tremendous A.! Glad to see you back. I know it is another thing on the list, but for me, it’s a great way to keep me reminded to get “out and about” to other blogs to see what’s going on with folks. I always enjoy getting over to see your latest pictures and to hear the stories behind them! Keep on!!

  25. corrin Says:

    So spill the beans – how much money are we talking? 😛

  26. Brad Says:

    Hi Corrin.

    Suffice to say, I’m not wealthy yet. 🙁