Daughter of Mine

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Having not really written for a little while (videos are easy, mostly enjoyable and do, I hope, indicate a desire to offer something new to those of you who take the time out of your busy schedules to come by), I’ve been back and forth on just what to re-enter with.

I decided to tell a little story.  Here’s hoping it will convey its intended sentiment.

I scan Facebook just about every day.  I imagine I’m like most in that once you’ve got an account there and have been “friended” a few times you’re just curious as to what your friends are up to and whether or not some long lost classmate has suddenly discovered you there.

Such was the case several weeks ago during my daily visit when I happened across a short blip by a former sister-in-law and Facebook friend who was announcing that she’d sure like to have folks come by her blog and comment.  Hmmm.  Sure, that sounds like fun and who knows, maybe I can get her involved over at the Comment Exchange.

So I’m over at Theo’s blog looking around and I come across a sidebar section called “Blogs by Family & Friends.”  Cool.  I used to be part of her family.  Maybe there’s something here by someone I know.

Hmmm.  Here’s an author’s picture.

What’s this?

My daughter?


My daughter has a blog?

You’re kidding.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I thought my daughter was incapable of having a blog.  The surprise came in the overwhelming realization that Megan – my daughter – had never, ever said one single word about the fact to me!  Her father!  Her father who she knows writes a blog!

Suffice it to say I was hurt.  I mean, it’s great that she’s doing a blog, but why would she not tell me about it?

Megan is my eldest.  She just turned 30.  She and Kyle have been married eight years today.  But try as they might, no children yet.

I’ve always known that Megan wants to be a mom.

I’ve known from afar that they’ve seen doctors and tried this and that in order to make their parenthood become a reality.  Being her dad, I’ve always tried to refrain from asking too many questions or in any way pressuring her about babies or the lack thereof.

But soon after the aforementioned “click,” the weightiness of Megan and Kyle’s childlessness came down on me heavily.

My sweet daughter writes a blog.  She’s been writing it since October 4, 2008.  The important thing here is not that she’s never shared it with me, but that it’s about infertility. Specifically, hers.

I almost felt guilty reading a few of the posts.  I mean, since she’s never said anything, does that mean she’s intentionally hiding it from me?  Much of it is almost like a diary.  Yet, here it is…on the world wide web…

As I navigated around a little, reading here and there, one thing hit me squarely (laying aside momentarily the pain and expressions of emotion) — This is Megan’s telling of her journey- and it’s really good.

And although her Alexa ranking doesn’t really seem to do it justice, my daughter’s writing seems to have quite a following.  Lots and lots of ladies commenting and relating to Meg’s experience.

Megan knows she’s the daughter of the writer of Boardman Country.  She knows Boardman Country is the place “where everyone’s entitled to MY opinion.”  Is it possible, Meg, that you wondered if MY opinions might slosh out of the bounds of Boardman Country into your domain?  I could certainly understand how you might think something like that.

I don’t know if you’ll ever stumble across this post or not, sweetie.  But just in case you do, let me declare here and now just how proud I am of you.  What a wonderful piece of work you have going over there.  Whatever you do, don’t stop!  You’re a very good writer and you obviously care about how your message is presented.

Meanwhile, your journey continues and although you’ve not yet seen the answer to your prayers, you’ve got quite an army helping you pray them.  Remember, delays are not denials.  God always comes through with His answers at just the right time.  Never too early.  Never late.  Perfect.

I love you so much!  Happy Anniversary!

And for anyone else who’s stumbled through here, this is my daughter Megan (and her husband Kyle) and this is where you can find her.

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,


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27 Responses to “Daughter of Mine”

  1. Karen Says:

    Excellent post. Lots of mixed emotions here. I can tell you really love your daughter.

  2. admin Says:

    Great to hear from you, Karen.

    Yep, she’s the best!

  3. Autumn Says:

    You two are funny. And having a sister that hasnt spoken to me since December I urge you two to just laugh about this and let it go. On the plus side her 300+ readers and your readers just found another awesome blog to follow.
    On the flip side it could be worse for both of you (well in my opinion) I told my mom about my blog when I started it, she read it every day for a week…and not since then. I love my mom and I know she’s super busy but I kind of wish she gave more notice to my blog. Same with both my best friends. Neither of them read my blog either. Kind of sucks to know you’re good at something and the people you care most about don’t take the time to acknowledge that.

    But hey I have some awesome readers too!!

    Enough rambling 🙂

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Autumn. Thanks for coming by. Please feel free to do so anytime.

    Thanks for being a neat part of Megan’s support system.

    BTW, I love coffee too! 🙂

  5. Karin Katherine Says:

    Your post brought me to tears. How I wish I had a father who felt that way about me. Parents who understood my pain through infertility…or just me.

    I wanted to let you know that your daughter not telling you about her blog has less to do with YOU and everything to do with infertility. I cannot clearly put it into words how it alienates you from everyone (it seems) and then you find out that there is really a sorority out there…and sometimes its easier to bare you soul to the faceless, the ones you don’t really know—but know better than their family in some ways.

    Make sense?

    I hope so. It really sucks being infertile.
    It really sucks waiting for God’s perfect timing when your soul is crying out.

    But as I tell your beautiful daughter every chance I get…it is so worth the wait when your prayers are answered. As I know hers one day will be.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks Karin.

    I’m certain that what you’ve said does make sense, but may be more easily grasped by couples that have experienced it firsthand.

    As you’ll probably see over at you-know-where, I’ve committed to read elsewhere. But thanks so much for being a support to Megan.

  7. corrin Says:

    I had a blog for several years before anyone in my family knew. And ranks and ratings are phewy – the best blogs are the ones that fly under the radar.

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks Corrin.

    Glad to hear you made it to Austin intact!

  9. Megan Says:

    Thanks Friends. Thanks Daddy! =)

  10. Lora Says:

    I’ve followed your daughter’s blog ever since I stumbled on it (or her onto mine…not really sure which happened first!) So nice to see such a loving and supportive daddy 🙂

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Lora.

    Glad you stopped over. Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Barbara Says:

    What a wonderful post! I’m sure, in His perfect timing, Megan’s prayers will be answered. BTW, Thanks for yesterday…it was Special! Keep in touch!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 59 =-.

  13. admin Says:

    Hey Barbara!

    Thank you for the comment and for spending some time with me yesterday. It was great to finally meet you (and you-know-who)!

  14. Diane Scott Says:

    You continue to amaze me Brad! I was totally impressed (and hope everyone reading and blogging follows your advice) with the wonderful way you worked in the CommentExchange (come on people, join it’s free!).

    Then to hear that you inadvertently came across first an “old” relative – when recently the very same happened to me (only this person was not related, long story).

    Next, a truly heartwarming tale of your daughter’s blog, your initial reaction, and your total understanding.

    Suffice to say, your writing captures my attention, and I’m off to see what Megan’s style is all about (most likely keep mum, but I am curious)!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Too Personal? That Just Might Be Your Problem =-.

  15. admin Says:

    Hey Diane!

    Thanks for the nice comment.

    I’d love to see you follow her a bit. As you’ll see when you go there, I’ve committed to stay away unless invited.

  16. Linda Says:

    I also agree on how you continue to amaze! You know how to capture and bring us in to your world with ease.

    Hang in there! You have a wonderful heart!
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..The Glitter Of Solar Power =-.

  17. admin Says:

    Thank you so much, Linda! I hope I can continue to bring interest to faithful readers like you.

  18. psyche Says:

    Sometimes it is hard to share things with parents–and easier to share with faceless masses, strangely enough. I assume you asked her about this directly rather than, um, just posting a blog about it? Otherwise this indirect approach could continue with hurt feelings on both sides. I bet she’d love if you reached out to her about this issue.
    .-= psyche´s last blog ..Inconsiderate stores =-.

  19. Brad Says:

    Thanks psyche for the word of advice. Yes, Megan and I have talked about it and I believe the hurt is gone! 🙂

  20. psyche Says:

    That is so great to hear. The internet is good for many things, but nothing beats an old fashioned chat 🙂
    .-= psyche´s last blog ..Inconsiderate stores =-.

  21. Brad Says:

    Yep. If nothing else, psyche, this will spur me on to make sure we’re having plenty of those chats! 🙂

  22. Andrew Wingett Says:


    It’s really recommendable post….
    It’s really touched the heart. You know very well how to interact your viewers in your words.


  23. Brad Says:

    Andrew, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  24. ConnieFoggles Says:

    You sound like a loving and caring Dad. My family knows about my blogs and none of them read them. It hurts a lot.
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..An Update On My Mother =-.

  25. Brad Says:

    Hey Connie!

    Yes, we bloggers probably all wish we had more of a family following. It just doesn’t seem to be where many folks are at though. Most seem to be too busy to bother. But at least we have the satisfaction of getting our thoughts and ideas out there.

  26. Single Mattress Says:

    I loved your daughter’s blog..and i must say that you love your daughter a lot.

  27. Brad Says:

    Thanks Charlie. I’m happy you stopped by. I hope mattress sales are brisk!