Super Honey

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Tomorrow I’ll be herding bees, I hope.  I won’t be herding them to any particular place, just out of the honey supers.

What’s a honey super?  Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen the typical bee hive – just a bunch of wooden boxes stacked one on top of the others.  Usually, painted white.  Mine are green, which should get my friend Linda’s pulse racing.

The two boxes (or “stories,” if you will) on the bottom are generally considered the “brood boxes.”  That’s where the queen does all her work producing lots and lots of bees.  The boxes above those two are each called a honey super and those are where the many, many bees create and store the honey – and that’s where I’ll be tomorrow.

There’s a little work involved herding bees off of the honey they’ve just spent the past seven or eight months concocting, but because they are Bees Boardman they are highly trained professionals and have never yet failed to leave the supers when I tell them to.

Now, in case you’re wondering, the bees must leave the supers so that I can do what beekeepers do:  Steal the honey!

Don’t worry, I always leave enough for them to survive the winter and get things cranked up again in the spring.  Plus, in their honor I  always write a little dittie to let folks know how hard they worked.  In fact, here comes one now!

Bees Boardman had no time this year
For Colony Collapse Disorder
Miss Queen, in fact, had read the news
And vacations she would not order!

“Let’s get to work!” they heard her say.
“I hereby make it clear,
This is no time for holiday
So do your best – With Cheer!”

Now you should know, the stats will show,
That from one bee to another
There seemed to be a contest
These girls trying to outdo each other!

They came in with yellow,
Then red, then white
The pollen!  The nectar!
Man!  What a sight!

They hauled in the groceries
Like you wouldn’t believe
While Mama raised more bees
Each shift to relieve.

And what do you know?
Came Summer, came Fall
The hives looked like skyscrapers
Standing so tall!

With honey to spare, this winter we share
From our hearts with each one of our friends
This sweetest of presents, and a Hope, and a Prayer.
And did I mention?
It all comes contained – in a little glass BEAR!

Honey Bear

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home and I’ll see you after the roundup.


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2 Responses to “Super Honey”

  1. Roy McCoy Says:

    Hey Brad! Sounds impressive. Now only if you could produce a video of you collecting the honey. How educational would that (bee)? :<))

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Roy!

    Maybe some year I’ll have to do that. Just not this year. Too many projects going right now.