In, NOT Out!

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Although it’s been some time since I’ve been able to do much blogging, those who have followed my stuff at all will probably remember that I’ve had my issues with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

As I see it, the main problem with DSHS is that it’s a huge, bloated, unaccountable bureaucracy.

On Saturday, September 19th, two weeks ago today, I started the day reading the following headline in our local newspaper, The Herald:

Insane Killer Escapes On Field Trip To Spokane County Fair

Within minutes of reading the article (and after briefly breathing into a paper bag), I was at this keyboard flaming off the following letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

On its own, this morning’s headline, “Insane killer escapes on field trip to Spokane County fair” is a commentary on just about all that’s wrong with Washington States “justice,” “correctional” and Department of Social and Health “Services” systems.

It seems to me the headline should have read, “Insane killer TURNED LOOSE on field trip…”

And then, of course, there’s the article with all its astounding details.

The man was acquitted by reason of insanity.  Okay, let’s just assume for the sake of all the
liberals in this state that that was “just” and that the guy really didn’t deserve the needle (If
they’d just come and ask me, I’d give them a very simple remedy to prison overcrowding.).

So the killer is “committed.”  “Why was he allowed to take such a trip?” asks Gov. Chris
Gregoire. “Why did they go to a location that was so heavily populated with families?”

EXACTLY, governor!  Like…uh…ANY location outside the LOCKED doors of the institution!?!

Since everyone’s entitled to MY opinion, let me just say for the record that I am sick to death of the casualness with which our state officials handle the safety of its citizens.  Is this a rant?  You bet it is.

Of course, as we’ve all come to expect when these things hit the news, DSHS has “ordered an immediate end to such trips and launched an investigation into the field trip.”  When will we as a public rise up and demand the dismantling of this unwieldy, ineffective, STUPID agency and the heads of its leaders on a platter?

When will we demand that the Governor require at least a thimble-full of common sense from those she appoints to head state agencies?  Better still, when will we demand that SHE come up with some common sense?  Certainly, we all make mistakes, but here’s the deal: People who kill, are caught, prosecuted and convicted or are “committed” DO NOT get to go on field trips! EVER!  ANYWHERE!

I’m dying to hear a reasonable rationale for the moronic decision to allow killers out of their cages.  By the way, did I mention that I am…

Livid in Everett,

Brad Boardman

In the interim Mr. Paul has been recaptured before killing anyone else and the head of Eastern State Hospital has resigned – both events qualifying for the “Plus” column.

But this morning the headline was:

State Studies How Killer Got Loose

If there needs to be a study conducted as to just how the escape occurred, clearly there needs to be a simultaneous search for a new head for DSHS.  In my always humble opinion there is simply no excuse for what has occurred.

There is no need for a study.  We already know without a shadow of a doubt how Paul escaped.  He was taken unshackled outside the walls of Eastern State Hospital without an armed guard!  This, my friends, and this alone is the issue!

DSHS should not need to spend dime one on figuring out how this happened.  Governor Chris Gregoire (don’t even get me started!) simply needs to appoint a Secretary of DSHS who realizes that “The 31 patients on the trip” who were “all from the so-called forensic unit, meaning they were patients committed to the hospital as a result of a criminal act” must ALL stay locked in!

Secretary Susan Dreyfus says, “Although public safety must be our first concern, it is important that we not let this unfortunate incident frame how we as a state see people who live with mental illness.”

Well, that’s just fine.  But we do need to let this unfortunate incident frame how we as a state see people who are mentally ill and commit criminal acts!

We as a state need to see them either behind prison bars or locked inside of a state mental facility at all times! Not down at the fair.

I speculate that I speak for the outraged majority when I ask:  Is it really that difficult, Ms. Dreyfus?  Please don’t bother creating your panel of experts at our expense.  We couldn’t care less whether “outings” are “useful tools” for treatment or not.  If they’ve committed criminal acts due to their mental illnesses, then the new keyword is “IN,” not “OUT”!

You’re “IN” Boardman Country,

Make yourself at home,


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2 Responses to “In, NOT Out!”

  1. Dean Isaacson Says:

    Well said! – with a few grammatical corrections, of course.

  2. The Patriarch Says:

    Only one month late, but I don’t see any grammatical errors Dean. Please educate me.