Thank You, Again, President George Bush!

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Back in July, our President did a most excellent thing for our nation when he lifted the executive ban on drilling along our nation’s coasts.

Now it’s time to thank him again.  Once again demonstrating his spinal fortitude, he threatened to veto the House stopgap spending bill wending its way toward his desk should it contain any anti-drilling measures.

With at least 73% of Americans behind him on this issue, Pelosi and her cronies finally got the wax out of their ears and heard us saying, “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, Why Wait?”

Meanwhile, it’s expected that the Senate will follow suit within the next few days.

I have been a passionate supporter of the concept of America getting off its rear end and getting the oil and natural gas that is ours as a partial solution to winning the war for energy independence.  For those of you who may actually want to get involved in coming up with and implementing bipartisan solutions for achieving this independence, let me recommend the following link: Solutions Day, September 27th

Obviously, all Americans don’t agree on everything. This has always been the case and will continue to be.  However, there are (you may not believe it, but it’s true!) quite a number of things upon which the majority of Americans do agree!

I realize that whether or not to thank President Bush is controversial and that many of you hate the man.  But since here in Boardman Country everyone’s entitled to MY opinion, let’s get over it and talk about the larger issues.

President Bush, love him or hate him, is on his way out and believe me, the next guy, no matter who he is, will have his fair share of detractors.  But We the People must re-establish and not lose our focus.

I believe that focus should be aimed like a laser toward the things upon which we do agree, even if we agree on them for different reasons.  Let me cite an example.

My friend, Linda, over at of Whole Hog Blogs fame agrees with me that America should be harnessing wind energy.

Why?  Well, I think we should be doing it because the wind is there and it’s free and once the technologies and delivery systems are refined and joined, it seems to me that it should end up being a pretty cost-effective source of power.  Mr. Pickens seems to agree with this position.

Linda, on the other hand, (and I know she’ll correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 ) is, from what I can tell, motivated primarily by her passion for the environment.  Fabulous!

So I like it because I think it’ll be cheap and Linda likes it because it’s clean.  Good!  We agree! Let’s get ‘er done!

Although this may be an over-simplified example, it seems to me that as Americans if we were to spend more of our time, energy and resource on seeking out the areas of agreement and turning those into solutions, America would be further ahead and the level of discord would be reduced.

So whether you’re a flaming liberal or a far right conservative, check out Solutions Day, September 27th
and see if you can find some little piece of dirt you can stand on together with someone from the complete opposite end of the political spectrum.  You may be surprised!

Meanwhile, thanks again President Bush.

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,


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10 Responses to “Thank You, Again, President George Bush!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hi Brad,
    Hey, what about solar power? We have an excess of sun here in Arizona, can’t that be put to use somehow? And how about natural gas? Cars could run forever and very cleanly on natural gas. Too bad for the car manufacturers though. Oh yeah, they are the ones with the money and influence. What was I thinking?

    Bills last blog post..The Flying Beagle and MyPoints

  2. Barbara Says:

    Hey Brad,

    I agree with you on your points here. I think we should also be doing more with geo-thermal energy.
    I would run my car on CNG in a heartbeat if it was more readily available.

    Barbaras last blog post..You Can Make A Difference Today!

  3. Karen Says:

    I just can’t understand what takes so long to get things changed that will do our country so much good. I am impatient.

  4. Judy Says:

    Well now, what can I say? I think it’s a capital idea! I agree with both you and Linda (thank goodness)! And I will also thank George…’cause I like him doggone it!

    Judys last blog post..Trees, Tricks and Treats

  5. Linda Says:

    From the completely opposite end of the spectrum, I agree…. with the wind, Brad, of course!


    your tree hugger,


    Lindas last blog post..An Idea I really Like!

  6. Tommyboy Says:

    Shortsighted. We use 25% of the WORLD’S oil. We have less than 3% of the world’s oil here in the US. That’s just a fact. Another fact is that much of this drilling won’t GET us any oil for years. So you need to factor that in!
    Wind, Solar, better technology, and sorry folks, but some mandates for those “conservatives” of you who simpley refuse to see that they DO have to Conserve!

    Oh, and of course getting that Oil and Energy Whiz Sarah Palin in the White House.

    (Jeeesh…do you people watch her with the sound off or what? She’s not bright, and proximity to Russia only counts as “foreign policy experience” if you’re, well, a Republican.)

    I am SO outta here!

  7. windyridge Says:

    Ya know what….that’s a great idea. We’d get a lot more done and quicker too if we went after the commonly agreed projects. But we need a sharp, well informed, leader who can bridge the divides and bring people together instead of polarizing them.

  8. Karen Says:

    So, will you be watching the VP candidate debates tonite?

  9. Karen Says:

    Hi Brad. I chose you for a meme on why we should vote. If you would like to participate, check out the link. Thanks.

    Karens last blog post..Get That Song Outta My Head!

  10. Free Idiot Proof Diet Says:

    This is a great job! Well done. Thank you sharing your ideas and knowledge.