Dirty Little Sarah Palin Secret From…"Before"

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As must needs be the case, political candidates are scrutinized – some more than others.

In my effort to find odious facts about Governor Sarah Palin that were untainted by her new-found world fame, I came across the following video from clear back in February, 2008, probably long before she was ever being considered for a spot on the McCain ticket.

Wow!  Unbelievably revealing stuff here!

Take a few minutes and see for yourself.

Can you believe it? She’d never even been to “Southeast” until she had to go “for a school basketball trip”! Good grief! To think that it actually took her fifteen or sixteen years to bust out of Wasilla is almost incomprehensible, especially to the millions of us who have had our passports since the day we were born and have been hobnobbing with world leaders since the day after that.

How could she possibly think herself eligible to run for high office with that kind of baggage in her past?

Fortunately, we have the Obama Nation to keep us on track as to the actual qualifications for Vice President.  Otherwise, I’m sure I’d be at a loss.

Even though I was born early yesterday morning in the United States and English is my very first language, I still feel like I often need help reading the Constitution and its Amendments.  But I’m working on that so I won’t be too much of a burden on those who have so graciously taken it upon themselves to school me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do realize full well that our Democratically-controlled congress is far, far smarter than me, notwithstanding the current state of the financial markets, and obviously they are worlds smarter than Governor Palin.  I mean, PLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE!

Their single-digit approval rating certainly demonstrates that!

Even I know that less is more.

I’ve been relieved to see in the past few weeks that Senator Biden seems to be less and less busy out on the campaign trail because even though I wanted to get with Senator Obama to have him give me some lessons on how to inhale and exhale, it appears that he’s way too busy to help me right now.

I wish I’d had my camera the other day when I saw him out in the barn in his waders with that big shovel.


You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home, but please wipe your boots first!


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2 Responses to “Dirty Little Sarah Palin Secret From…"Before"”

  1. Tommyboy Says:

    I’ve been asking folks why they think Palin is qualified, instead of listening to them rant about how she’s getting “picked on” by that nasty rabble-rousing community organizer and his team. Not a lot of good answers. She hunts. Ok. She hunts. She’s a mom. Neat-0. She was guv of Alaska for almost 2 years. Getting a little better. She can see Alaska out of her window, wow, has visited Canada AND Mexico, and also two Army camps. She DIDN’t actually visit Iraq, tho she claimed to. Nor Ireland. (Why the heck did she think she had to say she’d visited Ireland when she hadn’t? And did she think no one would figger it out?)
    Nope, I’m just not impressed. I’m not sure I’d vote her as VP of the PTA, much less the USA.
    But g’wan and start a list of her QUALIFICATIONS.
    And get yourself down offa that whiney soapbox…this dog may hunt, but she ain’t no leader.
    And you know, somewhere you know, that McSame and the gang realize that or she’d be actually OPENING her lipsticked lips and SAYING something. Think about it.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Tommyboy for your insightful comment.