You're In Good Hands With…

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If you’d asked me a couple years ago if I knew my auto insurance agent, I’d have probably snickered.

That was before the morning Dave Keen showed up at the weekly meeting of the Alderwood Business Advocates (one of the many chapters of Business Network International, or BNI).

Dave is one of the Dads at the Just 2 Dads insurance agency in Mill Creek, Washington. I’m happy and proud to say that he’s also my property and casualty agent. Happy because I never knew having insurance could actually be FUN! Proud because Dave Keen, folks, is a class act!

By now, you may already have clicked on the Just 2 Dads link and have noticed that at the bottom of the site header this statement is displayed:

“You deserve a relationship with a real person. That’s our stand.”

Well, whether I deserve one or not, that’s what I get with Dave. Certainly, I have gotten to know him a little better since we’ve belonged to the same BNI chapter, but I’m confident that even if that were not the case, I’d still be getting the real person. That’s just the way he is.

In fact, although I’ve known and have been Dave’s client for about two years now, I had never even been in his office until about two weeks ago. He’d been to my home and I’d been to his. Good grief, I had met his wife and family before I had ever been to his place of business! Which is to say, he came to me. You don’t get that from just any agent.

No, I’m sure he doesn’t walk on water (although he’s friends with the One who does!), but I have seen him in action and his customer service is second to none. I referred my dad to him for home and auto insurance and have since seen Dave and his staff skillfully walk him through two different claims (both of which were unpreventable). Oh, and by the way, as far as I know, Dad is still insured!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t directly said anything about which company Dave represents. That’s by design and you can figure that out on your own. The reason, though, is that I’m absolutely certain that no matter what company he was with, the real, fun-loving, knowledgeable, professional person would be the same.

So if you live anywhere in the state of Washington and you don’t know your home and auto insurance agent and they never call you on your birthday even though their name’s been on your insurance bill for years, give my friend Dave Keen a call (425-745-3366) and let him WOW you! You’ll be having FUN in no time at all!

And after a couple years, when you do finally make it over to his office, chances are he’ll even let you play with one of the giant puzzles there in the toy room!

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,


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6 Responses to “You're In Good Hands With…”

  1. cchiovitti Says:

    With the rising popularity of cheap-o online insurance plans people have lost sight of the value of a good agent. We’ve had the same agent for 4 years now. He has switched companies, and we’ve switched right along with him.

  2. rattitude Says:

    Glad to hear it’s working out for you. What is then then? An anti-rant 😉

    rattitudes last blog post..5 Reasons to love The IKEA Rat (brought to you by YouTube)

  3. MKWeb Says:

    Hi Brad,
    It is always a great feeling when you can find folks that will work with you and you can work with when it comes to service!
    I try to provide the same respect and service to my customer, partners and friends that I would want them to give to me.
    You have to give before you get, especially in the service realm!
    Feel free to stop by if you are an internet marketer or looking to start your own online business. I can and will help you get started (and even help provide tools and tips to keep you going!)

  4. Linda Says:

    Hey Brad … Welcome back! It is nice to know that you actually have a relationship with your agent. Not too many left!

    Hope your room is complete and you were able to place your first boardman star to enjoy it!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jason Says:

    Brad, Dave is definitely one of the best agents I’ve ever met. I’m with the same company but different agent. Regardless, Dave was able to review my auto policy and make a couple of changes even though he isn’t the agent of record (and doesn’t receive any credit). He certainly embodies “Giver’s Gain” and I highly recommend him!

  6. Microsoft Certifications Says:

    At least it worked for someone, good to hear. Lucky you.