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Today I think it’s time to give some credit where credit is due.

No, not to Al Gore this time for helping to mastermind the hoax that’s helping raise the price at the pump! Please, don’t get me spitting right now. I’m in too good of a mood!

Actually, I want to give props to my friend Theresa and her friend Jeff (I’m sure he’s my friend to, but I’ve never had occasion to talk with him on the phone!) over at Whole-Hog-Blogs!

If you should happen to get a hold of this post – and obviously, you have – Gotcha! – and you are even considering starting a blog of your own, T & J are the folks you want to hook up with!

I’ve spent the past number of months scouring the net for a service like theirs. I’m talking about one where you actually get what you paid for in terms of customer SERVICE! It’s actually astounding.

I had gotten so used to sending off emails into the abyss and hoping beyond hope that I’d get a response, let alone one that was timely. Let alone one that wasn’t some canned piece of boiler plated, one-size-fits-all, figure-it-out-yourself-you-dummy, sort of a response.

Today, I’m in Whole Hog heaven! I kid you not, I don’t think I’ve ever waited more that 30 minutes for Mother Theresa to get back with me with good answers to my myriad questions. Unless, of course, she’d finally call it a night after 9:00 or so. But I think you can see what I mean.

Speaking of which, Theresa, you should probably start shutting ‘er down a little earlier to get some rest. We (i.e., all of us in the WHB Network) don’t want to lose you, girl! I hate to think what I’d do without you now.

NO, NO, NO, NO! She is, categorically, not paying me to write this. Something just came over me when I sat down to work up a post today. BTW, I hope you’re reading this loud and clear, Verizon!

And it’s not just that they’re responsive. It’s always with a smile (in her voice) and it’s always supported by a huge knowledge base gathered over many years of their having to figure it out themselves.

Now the temptation, I’m sure, with that much experience under their belts, is to try to dump all of it on unsuspecting folks like me who can very easily feel like we’re trying to drink from a fire hose.

Not so!

That’s not to say that she can’t do that, but all I had to do after she said, “THIS…is a football,” was say, “COACH! Slow down!” The sign of a true teacher. 🙂

So if you, like I do, need to have your hand held as you navigate your way down the field to internet traffic, just get your mouse over to the right a little and click on “Join Our Network Today.” We’re having too much fun and we need to spread it around a little.

Okay, team, let’s hear it nice and loud!





You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,


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14 Responses to “Gotcha!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Brad .. wonderful props to our mentors! I agree whole heartily!!!

    Lindas last blog post..Run Your Car on Water and Gas!

  2. Theresa Says:

    OMG Brad! Came over to work with that snippet of code and … well I am overwhelmed! Wait until Jeff sees this! 🙂

  3. Barbara Says:

    Hi Brad,

    I dugg it! I couldn’t agree with you more. All the Best at WHB!

    Barbaras last blog post..Odds On Autism

  4. Naija Business Says:

    It is a good think to have friends. It is nice when you tell them how you feel about them. I prefer compliments made to a living person to hypocritical praises said at the grave side. Kudos and thanks for visiting my site. 😉

  5. LucyVet Says:

    Thanks for the review – I’ve never tried the service, but it sounds great!

    LucyVets last blog post..‘How to Grow Long Hair’ on Squidoo and some great Custom Orders!

  6. cchiovitti Says:

    Wow. It is so refreshing to see people actually giving kudos and thanking other people for doing a great job. We get so used to reading complaints all of the darn time that we actually have to stop and re-read things to fully appreciate the postive!

    cchiovittis last blog post..Hugs from donkeys today!

  7. FabulousAbstinence Says:

    What a wonderful review! Whoever Theresa and Jeff are will probably do a happy dance when they read it.

    FabulousAbstinences last blog post..Rape & Denial: Not Another Fairy Tale, Pt. 4

  8. saraht43 Says:

    Wow, I’ve never used the service but sounds excellent. Great info, keep up the good work.

  9. Firestorm Forum Says:

    What a testimonial. Will have to check it out.

  10. Lisa Jo Ray Says:

    I haven’t used this service but it sounds like it is worth it. Will be looking into it soon. Thanks for the heads up. Nice work.

  11. Diane Scott Says:

    Again Brad a huge and wonderful thank you! Many people know Jeff and me as “Diane Scott.” Maybe that might spark a few “oh, them’s!” LOL!

  12. Scott Says:

    Excellent post, I just joined the network and within a few weeks I am getting an incredible amount of traffic. If you are looking to gain traffic to your website or blog you really should check out Whole Hog Blogs.

  13. William Says:

    Completely agree with you. Good read. 😀

  14. 642-533 Says:

    I love to give credit to my friends.I always try to show my gratitude for them.Even some time I arranged small and affordable parties for them.