Welcome to My Piece of the Planet – Boardman Country!

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Hi! I’m Brad Boardman and you’ve just arrived in my piece of the planet: Boardman Country!

Whether you came to visit intentionally or just stumbled innocently into this vast “domain” – Welcome!

Boardman Country is where everyone is entitled to MY opinion, but I’m happy to have you all share yours as well if you feel so inclined.

You may wonder what would have caused me to dream up such an expansive name for this new blog. I mean, really, “Boardman COUNTRY?” Well, it’s like this…. I’ve told interested folks over the years, “It’s not that I CAN’T keep a job, it’s just that I’m interested in too many different things.”

For example, there are my three daughters and their husbands and their kids (who have now started having their own kids! Yikes!)

There are my parents and eight siblings and their kids (who have also now started to have their own kids).

There’s the fact that I love the living and true God and am deeply involved in my church: Board Member, Worship Leader, Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc.

And don’t even get me started on my myriad careers! Well, actually, do get me started. That’s what Boardman Country is about! Boardman stuff! Boardman family! Boardman friends! Boardman pet peeves! Yep! Boardman politics!

Don’t worry, I won’t give it all to you in the first post. But I’m excited to get with as many of you as possible here in this format to talk about things we like and don’t like, things that are important and not so important, things that are happening in Boardman Country!

I hope you won’t make me just shout out into cyberspace and leave me on my own for too long, although I can just talk to myself if need be. But obviously, it’ll be more interesting and invigorating if you’ll join in! That’s where my new friends Theresa and Jeff over at Whole-Hog-Blogs come in. They’ve been a fabulous help, whether you know it or not, with the project of getting you here to Boardman Country.

So now that they’ve gotten you here, don’t run off. Take a look around. Tell me what you think! I love having a whole country to entertain people in!

Make yourself at home,

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14 Responses to “Welcome to My Piece of the Planet – Boardman Country!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Welcome aboard and love your theme!

    Lindas last blog post..Nano Wire Solar Panels

  2. Brad Says:

    Thanks for being my first “commenter,” Linda! I look forward to engaging in some good dialogue with you in the months…heck, years ahead!

  3. The Canine Kids Says:

    Love your first post and looking forward to visiting Boardman Country often.

    The Canine Kidss last blog post..If You Bring Home a Horse The Flies Will Follow

  4. Sharon Emerson Says:

    Welcome to Blogging. I am having a ball and know you will, too. One slight correction: Disneyland is one word. But probably I am the only one who cares.
    Smiles and Hugs and welcome.

  5. just Mike Says:

    You made me stay up for this?….I really like your job explanation, I hope I can use it someday..oops…hope Sharon doesn’t say it is two words..some day..there I said it both ways..don’t tell her…ps you have way to much time..jm

  6. just Mike Says:

    yes Barack, I will vote for you. OH-NO wrong web. Yes Mike..after 35 long years I well Marry You….best music ever,Pavarotti and James Brown”This is a mans world” a must to hear…

  7. Lynnette Says:

    Oh no! JM posts on here? Run for the hills everyone! 🙂 Hi Mikey! Me-thinks-to-myself that your second post was posted by your lovely ‘other half’. ???? You know that normal, rational, americans would never put OSama (no – that is not a misspelling) into the white house, right? (Gayle – you know I love you, girl.)

  8. just Mike Says:

    Those posting here should know that a lot of the problems in Africa are a direct result of the shenanigans Lynette pulled in the 70’s when she was just a little munchkin growing up there…such a baaaaad example…hmmmm…wonder why she’s not running for office?..

  9. just Mike Says:

    Brad…see what happens when you open that door…even Republicans might end up replying…if someone shows them how! :>}

  10. Julia Says:

    Boardman Country has not gotten lost in cyberspace. Funny enough it has landed in the land of Oz (aka Aussie land). Lovely to have some means of connection to keep up with the Boardman clan.

    We are doing well here. A bit more rain this year than past drought struck years. We even enjoyed a spectacular 11.1 meter rise in the creeks which wrap around our home on January 5, 2008.

    The Paterson family is looking forward to a 6th member due to arrive November 1st (this is only a 4th child – to avoid any confusion.)

  11. admin Says:

    Hey Julia!

    Great to hear from you from out of the cyberspace.

    Congratulations on the Paterson Expansion Project! Sounds like it’s moving forward successfully.

    Thanks, BTW, for the disk of music you sent up some time ago. I do appreciate it.

    If you’re interested, you may want to click on the RSS Feed button up in the right of the header to be notified of new posts.

    Thanks for making your presence known!

    We love you guys,


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  13. Josef Says:

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  14. admin Says:

    Thanks, Josef. Come by again.