Today I shut off my lawnmower?

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Hallelujah for Global Warming? There? How’s that Theresa? (I’ve decided to start using question marks for emphasis? I’m all about traffic? And look I’m literally watching my Alexa rating rise as we speak?) 🙂

Yep, folks, Global Warming has finally arrived here in Boardman Country, so I’ve shut off my ozone-piercing lawnmower at least for today? I’m warm enough for now, but just let our JUNuary daytime temperatures drop back below the prescribed 70 degrees and I’m out there cranking that thing up again. And I don’t care how high the gas prices go? BLLLess GYYod?

It was fabulous to see so many of you respond to yesterday’s post. My Sunday School class was practically standing room only? 🙂 Well, almost…

Meanwhile, I’m on my way back to church for the evening service shortly, so I’m sure I’ll see most of you again? This, of course, leaves me with just a little time for posting here so this will be short and sweet.

As I’ve mentioned here somewhere, there’s so much really good music out there that it doesn’t make sense to waste time listening to or singing the so-so stuff. So if you haven’t yet been introduced to these guys, take a listen. Wouldn’t be surprised if they show up from time to time here in Boardman Country since they’re one of my favorite quartets?

And what better time than a good Globally Warmed summer afternoon to listen to some tremendous patriotic music? So, let ‘er rip?

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound – I Pledge My Allegiance

These guys verge upon having too much fun? Just wait until you see them really get going?

Speaking of having too much fun, I guess I should get going back to you-know-where. God said He’d be back for the evening service?? Glory??

You’re in Boardman Country?

Make yourself at home,

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3 Responses to “Today I shut off my lawnmower?”

  1. Luanne Says:

    All I can say is WOW!. They are fantastic…. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. RH302 Says:

    It’s really awesome.I like their music.Thanks for sharing such a good thoughts.You are using question mark with your some of sentences.I think question mark should be placed if required otherwise confusion raised for people who have bad or average english like me.

  3. music Says:

    Cool tool thanks for posting this up