See this for $2.19/gallon gas…

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Hey BCers!

Have I got your attention?

As you can see, just to the right of this post under the Interests column, I have a new widget: “Tired of High Gas Prices?” If you’ll do me the favor of checking it out, I think you’ll be, as I am, intrigued.

Here in Boardman Country we’re currently paying $4.37/gallon for gas! I’m sure that wherever you’re located in the United States you’re having a similarly excruciating experience. Don’t worry. Someday soon we’ll get into the politics of that!

Suffice it to say here that $4.37 for a gallon of gas is TOO DARN MUCH! HELLO?

I remember back in my days at Wheaton College (1976 to 1979) taking a class called “Issues in Biology.” There we talked about various controversies that were in the news. Somehow, we got on the topic of hydrogen-powered cars and the fact that even back then the technology was available to run internal combustion engines on hydrogen.

The main problem with it was the fact that some sort of pressurized hydrogen tank would have to be on board the vehicle. This, of course, would have meant that NO MORE vehicle collisions could have been allowed due to the extreme messiness of hydrogen explosions!

All that to say that I’ve been doing a considerable amount of reading about a new delivery system for hydrogen. The term often used for it is: Hydrogen on Demand.

In crude terms this means that you put a small device in your engine compartment and fill it with, yep, WATER! Through electrolysis, the device pulls hydrogen from the water and feeds it as fuel to your engine along with your gasoline, giving you a boost in mileage. What’s more, for all you “Green” folks (you see, Linda, I’m trying!), the by-product is, yep, WATER!

And wait there’s more! It’s safe because no hydrogen storage is necessary.

You too can read all about it if you click here or on the new link.

What I’ve decided to do is commit myself to blogging about the process I’m undertaking, which is to build and install this system on one of my vehicles and let you all know how much of a mileage boost I’m getting with it. Having talked with a certified ASE mechanic and gotten his thoughts, I feel comfortable in moving forward with this to test it for myself.

Meanwhile, if you’re of a mind to run this test with me, you’ll find all the instructions you need available on my link. There’s even some good video of the technology in use.

I figure if I can get anywhere near the results that are advertised it will be worth the bother! Any questions or comments along the way will make it even more interesting. Just know that if you’re a naysayer 🙂 , you may well be losing $2.19 per gallon (or more!) while I’m getting a 50% hydrogen boost!

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,

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5 Responses to “See this for $2.19/gallon gas…”

  1. Linda Says:

    Great post…. I’ll be back to see how it went for you!

    Lindas last blog post..350 Challenge Certificate

  2. Victoria Says:

    Hey Brad
    Thanks for the email. I am definitly interested in hearing about the progress of your project. Also if you can post some pictures of your progress that would be awesome!!
    Victoria Adams
    Personal Banker
    Sterling Savings Bank
    “I dont just open accounts, I open doors”!

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for visiting Victoria and for the nice post. See you soon.

  4. 642-181 Says:

    Well said, Its really awesome post.

  5. 70-351 Says:

    Absolutely! there are some more good video of the technology to see and get advantage of them.