Looks good from my house…

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Things are hoppin’ here in Boardman Country, which is the main reason my posts have gotten a little spotty.

Along with the usual goin’s on, we’re now under construction in two different parts of the Boardman Compound (You may recall that I live next door to The Folks!).

Project #1 is the new Care Giving Room that I’m building so that the next friend or family member that needs it will be accommodated. It will have space for two side-by-side hospital beds and will include an accessible bathroom complete with roll-in shower.

If you’ve ever done any care giving for someone who’s not ambulatory, you’ll relate to the value of being able to actually roll a person (yes, using a wheelchair :)) into the shower and not having to transfer them to a tub bench or some other such foolin’ around.

Anyway, I’ll have a crew here on Monday to finish up the last bit of framing. Then, at noon the insulation guy will be here to see into what he’s getting himself. We’ll see if he still wants the job.

Project #2 is the huge new extension we’re adding to Dad’s deck. Now that Global Warming has finally arrived here in Boardman Country (and believe me, we’re enjoying it!) we’re anxious to get this puppy built so we can sit out on it and soak up some vitamin D.

So Brer Marc arrived yesterday with his crew of young bucks (Michael, Matthew and Logan). As soon as I get done with this post, we’ll be executing the plan: Brew Coffee and Install Decking! Dad and I have been finishing up the framing details for a week or so, with an eye toward getting as much decking as possible down while the extra help is in town.

You’ll like this, Linda. We’re using a composite decking material (Timber Tech) that consists of 30% black oak and 70% recycled plastic!

Now don’t jump to any conclusions. I haven’t “gone green.” We just happen to like the looks of this stuff and we got a good deal on it and we won’t have to stain it and it won’t rot and it’ll be a good place to run the lawnmower when the temperature drops again! After all, I do have a reputation to uphold! 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s a fabulous way to go forth inspired. Listen to one of my all-time favorite groups. It’s an honor to feature these men on Boardman Country! Let ‘er rip!

Our National Anthem! by Take 6

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,

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2 Responses to “Looks good from my house…”

  1. Linda Says:

    Oh Brad, you’re slipping! Yes! I like it and it will help with no maintenence for a looooong time!
    I am jealous! Good luck with both projects!

    Lindas last blog post..Ultimate Paint

  2. MB2-631 exam Says:

    Both are very good projects.building a new room for giving care to somebody is really very great thought.