In Which I Reveal A List Of My Careers To Date

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The first job for which I actually received money was bucking hay for Mr. Tupper, our neighbor out in Auburn, at the age of twelve. As I recall, I invested both dollars wisely which is why I’m currently listed in the Who’s Who of Bill Gate’s Biggest Competitors.

Not much happened in the way of financial independence until the day during my Junior year in high school, I landed that job moving pianos and organs at the stunning rate of $4.00 per hour. You would not believe where some folks want to put pianos!

I really hit the big time, though, when on August 9, 1973, shortly after graduation from high school, I landed on Kodiak Island, Alaska and went to work at B & B Fisheries for $3.75 per hour. Now that may sound like a cut in pay from the piano moving, but at the cannery, they told me, I’d get to work 80 hours per week! Sweet! Not. More on that career later.

Upon retirement from my distinguished six-month career in cannery work and a return to the life of a student (college, that is), I helped to support my eating habit by washing dishes at the local Mr. Steak restaurant. No comment.

The other vocations I took up during my four-year-college-program-squeezed-into-five were Wedding Singer, Security Guard and Bus Driver, the latter of which would stand me in good stead in later years when, after almost sawing off the four fingers of my left hand while working construction, I had an epiphany and realized that I could be driving for Metro Transit instead of swinging a hammer.

Now, I’ve barely scratched the surface here concerning my storied work life, but it’s almost 10:00 p.m. and time to put this post to bed until “post time!” I’m fading fast.

So we’ll have to continue this tomorrow.

Make yourself at home,
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4 Responses to “In Which I Reveal A List Of My Careers To Date”

  1. Kim DeLisle Says:

    Well I am thoughly impressed by my brothers gift for gab! He not only has a great sense of humor but doesn’t get too serious about the small stuff. He is what he is and that’s the big brother who we, all 7 of us love!! And there’s much more to tell!

    Love you Brad…

  2. Debra Says:

    Brad, I sent you a message through Entrecard! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I plan to catch up on your latest posts this weekend! I was so happy to hear about your wife & family for her getting through cancer, especially with out chemo and all that! awesome, Debra

    Debras last blog post..Inspiration, a leap of faith

  3. Karen Davis Says:


    You have such a way with words, it’s no wonder you’re a great story teller. You always make us laugh and smile in the morning at BNI, it’s a blessing to have you there 🙂


  4. Brad Says:

    Thanks so much to Kim, Debra and Karen for your comments and complementary words! They’re greatly appreciated!

    Hope you all had a happy Father’s Day with your dads or husbands or…well, whoever!


    Brads last blog post..In Which I Wish My Dad a Happy Father’s Day…