FINALLY, Getting Back to "Careers to Date…"

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Greetings BCers! Don’t even worry about what time it is right now or I might get off on another (see yesterday’s post) rant!

So there I was (see June 13 post), driving a transit bus for two different Seattle area authorities. Twelve year’s worth.

But to rewind just a little bit, I started driving bus while I was attending Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) back in the late ’70s. More on some of those adventures in future posts.

Since I’ve mentioned Wheaton, I might as well say that I have a bachelor’s degree from there in Christian Education even though I began there as a vocal performance major. I came home to Seattle following graduation in 1979: the one and only year the Seattle Sonics were NBA Champions! I remember that because Dad and I listened to the final game driving west across Wisconsin in my orange VW Super Beetle.

I’d studied enough for awhile and decided to to something totally unrelated to my field. I know, you sense the next career coming on. Yep! I became a drywall taper, which led to my working in various construction trades for about five years. Again, coming close to sawing some fingers off with my worm drive gave me the nudge I needed to walk on out of that business while I still had all my appendages…attached! It helps to have all your fingers…attached…for most future careers.

Meanwhile, being the type of guy who doesn’t like to have too much in my schedule at once, I decided that even though I was working for the two bus outfits, I could still be the Associate Pastor of a church. So for nine years I did that as well. We were havin’ a time! šŸ™‚

Now, as I’ve mentioned, I’m the oldest of nine kids. Five of those siblings are adoptive and came to our family from Korea. Susan is seventh in the line-up, Korean and has cerebral palsy. She’s 37 and loves babies!

Her disability requires total care. Lots of lifting, feeding, changing, etc. So it was with these things and the future in mind that in 1991, the folks started a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing a long-term, non-institutional housing solution for Susan called Home For Good.

Becoming the Executive Director of Home For Good (we developed affordable housing for developmentally disabled adults) was probably the main reason for the end of both my bus driving and pastoring careers! But it opened the doors for several others that I’m sure I’ll get to as we move along in the blogosphere!

You’re in Boardman Country!

Make yourself at home,

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3 Responses to “FINALLY, Getting Back to "Careers to Date…"”

  1. Diane Says:

    Wow Brad! That is so wonderful! No wonder you understood when I told you about my mom passing from ALS (the full time care!). You and the whole crew are such a loving, giving group and I greatly admire that!

    Dianes last blog post..Fire Up Your Online Earning and Advertising Potential With SocialSpark!

  2. mary Says:

    Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m wondering too why there are so many non or not so good English speaking blogs over at SS. I’m all for international connections, but I’m also for good writing, especially when it comes to blogs.

    Did you ever figure out the meme/spark? Basically, copy and paste my post to your blog – change the answers, link to me and let me know when you’ve done the post! I’ll be happy to link you back. I like this idea better than doing blog reviews and adding links to my blogroll. I guess I’m particular about those. If you’ve lost interest, that’s okay too.

    Well, hope you stop by again soon and good luck with SS!

    marys last blog post..Four Things

  3. 70-640 Says:

    “But Iā€™m also for good writing, especially when it comes to blogs.” This should be apply by every blogger for their blog quality and worth.